The Ultimate Holiday Debt Survival Guide


Don’t fall victim to overspending this holiday season, because you don’t want to accrue more debt than you might already have.

You can still love and celebrate the holiday season without overspending on holiday gifts, food, decorations, lights, and entertaining. After all, the holidays are a time to gather with friends and family and to be grateful for what you have! We compiled the ultimate holiday survival guide to get you through the holidays without going into debt. Here are tips to help protect your finances:

Create a Holiday Budget

You might be tired of always hearing about budgeting, but if you’re serious about not overspending this holiday season you have to make a holiday budget! It is important to be realistic – don’t just ballpark figures. Look back on how much you spent last year to help guide you in creating your budget, and see where you might be able to cut back. The key to staying on budget is proper organization so you can have a holiday season that’s free of financial stress. When it comes to gift giving, be sure to make a list and check it twice! Review your list and make sure that everyone who needs to be on it is there, and don’t feel pressure to give to friends or extended family if your budget doesn’t allow.

Plan Ahead

Waiting until the last minute to buy holiday items or gifts isn’t only stressful, but can even end up being more costly. If you’re in a rush, you’re more likely to forget about your budget and instead just grab what’s most convenient. Taking the time to research the best deals, sales and prices can save you time and money.

Get Creative

Maybe you can’t buy for everyone you would like to this year, so a great alternative is to have a grab-bag/Secret Santa! Everyone can agree to a price that fits into everybody’s budget. This isn’t only frugal, but fun as well! If you’d rather stick to traditional gift giving, get creative with it! Try making DIY projects or crafts – a homemade gift is much more sentimental than a store bought one anyways! For teachers or coaches you would like to give to, consider giving a card and some home baked goodies! Gifts don’t need to be lavish to show someone you appreciate them!

Damage Control

If it’s too late and you’ve either already overspent this holiday season or already in deep credit card debt, don’t panic! There are ways to recover and do damage control after the holiday season is over! Tayne Law Group is dedicated to helping people overcome the burden of their debt. Our credit card debt relief program can simplify and minimize your credit card debt. Call 866-890-7337 for a free, no obligation phone consultation!

Millions of Americans have an overwhelming amount of debt, and the holidays are always a time where many consumers tend to spend more than they have. Don’t let this happen to you! Enjoy the holidays debt-free so you don’t have to face that dreaded financial hangover in January!

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