Tayne Law Group’s Guide to Buying Cheap College Textbooks

It’s that time again – time to pack up your car with dorm stuff and move back into college!

Of course, college is already costly with housing, meals, school supplies, student loans, and other expenses that accumulate over time. This is why you shouldn’t make the mistake of overpaying for textbooks from your college bookstore! Unless, of course, they have super great deals but that doesn’t often seem to be the case. Prior to buying any textbooks make sure you attend the class first. Sometimes professors will tell you that the text isn’t required for the class.

With that being said, here are some tips and websites to help you get the books you need in order to excel this semester for cheap!


Chegg is an online website where you can buy or rent cheap textbooks, and we love their motto of “never pay full price for textbooks!” They offer prices that are 90% lower than full price and even free shipping for purchases over $50! You can also sell your old textbooks to Chegg as well. Do you have an assignment due and needed your text as of yesterday? Chegg has you covered! They offer access to an online version while your hard copy is being shipped. Hate philosophy and are dropping out? Chegg offers a 21-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to make returns if you decide to drop a course. At the end of the semester, if you rented a book, all you have to do is ship your book back to the company in any box with their prepaid shipping label!


Similar to Chegg, Amazon is also a great online resource when searching for cheap textbooks! They offer rates that can save you up to 80% off. They offer new books, used, or rental, and as long as the book is in good condition and the current edition recommended by your professor, we recommend always buying used. The prices for used books are much lower and you’re getting the same exact book as you would if you paid full price.

Use Your Resources

If you have Facebook, try searching to see if your college class has an online Facebook page where students are selling their textbooks for low prices. Alternatively, if you are in a sorority, fraternity, or any other type of school organization, check with people who are in the same major as you and would be willing to rent or sell you their book. It’s worth the effort to ask around before having to pay full price for a book you will only use for a semester. If you have a close friend in your class, you can always agree to split the price if you can’t find the book for a cheap price. You can also check the school library and see if there are copies of the textbook available there, sometimes professors will reserve copies to keep at the library.

College is not cheap, so make it easier for yourself and put in a little effort in order to save some money. I wish I had a guide for when I was a freshman in college; I’ll never forget the feeling of hearing the final total when checking out at the bookstore! I wrote this to make sure this doesn’t happen to you this semester!

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