So, you got a letter from some company named LR Credit, LLC. Who are they and do they have the right to contact you?

First, how stressful to get a letter or phone call from a debt collector! Know that there are options to reduce and eliminate the amount of debt you have or even make the debt go away. One option is to work with a law firm like Tayne Law Group who concentrates only in resolving debt for people. We will receive the creditor calls on your behalf while we negotiate the debts. Call NOW and talk about what’s going on to our experienced staff. 1-866-890-7337. See the difference the call makes in your life!


LR Credit, LLC., is a debt collection agency of charged off credit card debt. LR Credit has many name variations but usually labeled LR Credit with numbers 1-23. Some of their entities are: LR Credit 1, LLC, LR Credit 2, LLC. Some of these entities may no longer be active. The purpose of having so many entities may be to hold portfolios of unpaid debt that were bought with the intent of collection.
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers from collectors so collectors cannot use abusive or obscene language use any threats of violence or harm. LR Credit deals with a high-volume of debt collection accounts and has been subjected to many FDCPA lawsuits over the years due to alleged violations of questionable practices.
Keep in mind they are debt collectors and calls are often recorded at debt collection agencies.


EXPERIENCE: When it comes to debt collection firms that don’t have the best reputation, it’s best to have right legal counsel on your side. We work with debt collection agencies like LR Credit, LLC and others often and with a combined experience on our team of over 60 years in debt collection, we know debt and know how to resolve it! We are familiar with consumers’ right and know can work with you to properly asses your situation and make recommendations for the best course of action in your case.

COMFORT: Working with a debt resolution law firm who prioritizes you and your needs, the Tayne Law Group experience will give you peace of mind that your debts are being handled in the best possible way.

KNOWLEDGE: We know debt! This is all we do in our office. Working with the a debt resolution law firm with the kind of experience that we have in the debt resolution and collection industry helps you know that your debts are being handled in the best possible way. It doesn’t cost more to work with attorneys but it’s the choice you make for you and your family to be comfortable with the right people.

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I just wanted to thank your entire staff at The Law Offices of Leslie H. Tayne, for helping me get out of debt. If it wasn’t for your firm, I would have never been able to resolve my $13k worth of debt in less than 3 years. Your staff did a great job, I was finally able to buy myself a brand new car without using a cosigner. I can’t tell you again how happy I am. I would recommend your services to anyone.

L.C. Client 2007-2009

I sleep like a baby at night now because of the work that you and your office have done. Rest assured that I will refer anyone I know to your office with conditions that are similarly circumstanced.

R.S. Client 2012-2014

You have been very helpful at first directing me in the right direction when I had no clue how to go about handling everything, I really appreciated all your advice and help and hope we can work something out. Thanks again for all your help and kind words, and patience.

D.M. Client 2009-2012

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