How much can you save by making your favorite smoothie at home?


According to the USDA the average cost of food per month for a family of four is $238.60. It gets even pricier if you eat lunch out everyday instead of bringing lunch to work with you. We know how much easier it is to just go out and buy something, but sometimes it pays to put in a little more effort! We have recreated a popular summer lunch item for you and compared it to what the price you may for buying it pre-made.

A popular smoothie chain offers a 24oz smoothie for $5.20.

Let’s see what it would take to create your own fruit smoothie (using a recipe from that chain) at home. Average cost in 2013 of ingredients according to Bureau of Labor Statistics:   Blueberries: $1.31 per 12 oz (extra 4 oz for recipe $.44) Strawberry: $1.78 per 12 oz Banana: .60 per lb (3 medium large bananas)

Recipe & cost of each item:

2 cups of blueberries: $1.75 1 half of a banana : $.10 1/2 cup of strawberries $.59 Mix all together in blender with ice, add sugar to your liking, enjoy!

Cost of smoothie: $2.44!

The fruit is fresher, the sweetness to your exact liking and you are saving a lot of money! If you were to buy a smoothie every day for lunch for a week it would be upwards of $25! Making it at home will save you $14 a week. Although that doesn’t sound very significant, if you did similar meals every work day a month you would save over $56! Don’t like the recipe we provided? Experiment with different ingredients and find the smoothie that is perfect for you, you will still be saving money! There is a large one time investment associated with making yourself smoothies to bring to work what are you going to put it in? If you don’t have a large plastic travel tumbler, make a one time investment of a reusable plastic cup! We found this one for $7.99 on Amazon!

Look out for future recipes and DIY comparisons to find out even more ways to save money! If you have a summer lunch favorite you would like to see next, comment below!


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